Kindergarten | Student Services

To Register your child for FALL 2022 KINDERGARTEN

Dear Parents, 

This year we are going to online enrollment for all incoming Kindergartners and new families! Welcome to Southgate Community Schools! This is an exciting new process that will make your life so much easier! 

Once you are ready to enroll your child, please visit www.southgateschools.com and go to the enrollment tab. You will see at the top “Online Pre-Enrollment.” This page will guide you to the registration forms.  It is exactly like the paper forms used before, but it is done digitally. Once you have finished the Pre-Enrollment, it will tell you that you will need to bring your required legal documents to the office. We will soon be setting up appointments to come in and finish the enrollment.  If you have only completed the online portion, your child is NOT registered at North Pointe until all legal documents are returned to the office at the appointment. 

Examples of Legal Documents You Need to Bring:  Either Mortgage, title, deed or lease.                                      

You Must Also Bring:    

  • A current utility bill in your name with the matching address
  • Original Birth Certificate with seal
  • Vaccination records (no handwritten cards are accepted) 
  • Driver’s License or Michigan ID card
  • Shared Living form - Notarized (If applicable)

If you do not make an appointment to finalize the enrollment within 30 days, your Pre-enrollment will no longer be in the system and the process must be repeated. 

Thank you!